They told me two weeks was way too long in Vegas, and that I was crazy for doing it. It's been a great time. No regrets whatsoever... but getting into the home stretch it's starting to wear on me a bit.

I still can't wrap my head around how people throw money around here. I budgeted $100/day for acceptable losses while gambling and $100/day for everything else. I'm not coming home a winner, but I am coming back far less of a loser than I could have been. I don't get how people spend their entire days at a slot machine, or how others spend thousands of dollars on bottle service, and a lot of people do both all the damn time. 

How little respect for money can you have to spend it like that? I've had a couple nights in my life where I said to hell with frugality and bought all the cocktails, impulsively got a room at the Thompson for me and a lady to share, rooftop party with wildly overpriced drinks... and it was awesome. It was a conscious choice to just say yes to everything, and it all came in at around $600. I don't regret it at all, but I can't really see a way to have a better night than that at the club by spending 10 times as much money, and yet there's people spending even more, nightly. It's madness that people will spend more in one night at the club than I spent for my flight, hotel, and all the shows and spending money necessary for two weeks here. Speaking of shows:

- Cirque De Soleil's ONE: The Michael Jackson Experience was amazing. Such great music, incredible acrobatics, and their rendition of Earth Song was like watching a live action version of a Bond intro. So, so good.

- Jerry Seinfeld was as spot-on and professional as you'd expect him to be. How he sees some of the things he picks up on is just amazing, and if you have the opportunity to see him live, I highly encourage you to do so. I will say that he doesn't call out an audience the way Louis CK does... he's very safe, and not just in terms of working clean. I like my comedy more challenging.

- Criss Angel was good, and I'm honestly not sure why he gets as much hate as he does. He was funny, gracious, and some of his tricks were truly impressive. I'd say Penn & Teller were better, mainly because they rely less on flashing lights and digital trickery, and more on smart misdirection and technique, but both are good. 

- Carrot Top was absolutely hilarious. His opener was mediocre, but he was great... absolutely relentless with the jokes. I think what I really like about him is that he's a multimedia comic in a way few others are - he has the props, but he's also got a screen that he uses to augment his jokes, his pacing is flawless, he's got a great sound guy dropping effects and songs into the act as appropriate, and much like Criss Angel, I just don't get the hate.

- DJs From Mars were spinning at Body English when I went... and they were incredible. I had no idea they were mashup artists that skewed towards EDM, but they were absolutely fantastic. Like this:

Holy Hell. I don't think I stopped dancing for 3 hours.

People have been telling me I'm a really nice, good, and wonderful person while I'm here, and not just the ones I occasionally grab drinks for. I'm not a believer in God, I don't subscribe to Karma or past lives or any of that bullshit, but I've come to realize over the past couple weeks that I do believe that if you're full of positive emotions, if you're happy and upbeat, people are going to pick up on that, and that the opposite holds true as well. I think this first really manifested for me a few months ago in NYC - I was grabbing breakfast at McDonald's, and bought a Sausage McMuffin for a homeless guy. He was really grateful, said God Bless, and I kinda brushed it off, but I made his day or his hour or whatever and I felt really sincerely good afterwards, and every single sales meeting I had that day I closed.

The other night I was at the casino bar and a woman came up to buy drinks for her and her fiancee during a concert intermission. Problem: she had his credit card, and the bartender wouldn't take it, so I covered the round. I insisted on it, and she was grateful, and promised that after the show the two of them would come back and get me really drunk. And they did. I didn't do it to get laid... I did it because I knew it'd give me those positive feelings that were going to carry forward into the evening, and even if they didn't come back, I'd still have those feelings.

They did come back. And they bought me a double shot of "your best whiskey" which it turns out is Macallan 18. To sum up... just do awesome things for others to the extent of your ability to do so. If you can stick to that... you'll feel accordingly. People will pick up on that and it turns out that some pretty awesome things can happen when people know (not think) that you're a positive person. They only have my actions to go on. I'm not sure they're right when they say they know I'm a good guy... but they act like I am. I only have their actions to go on.

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