The New Year

The project at work that was going to have me spending the better part of the next three months on the road has been sidelined due to circumstances out of my control. I'm still working on it, but we're going to have to take a different approach that keeps me in Ottawa for the next little while. However, the odds of me doing an extended stay in Toronto later this year are pretty good and I'm really excited about that.

Following up a bit on the things I mentioned previously, I've been trying to be a more sincere, generous, and positive person in the new year where I can. It wasn't a formal resolution or anything, and I don't think I would've stuck to it had it been, but so far it's going really well. I feel like a better person and it feels like others are picking up on that and responding to it in a good way. I'm not perfect, and I'm not really tracking it, but it's a small thing to pause before going into any given situation, think about what the most positive/awesome contribution I'm capable of making would be, and then doing it.

Again, it's going well... so I'm going to keep doing it.

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