I Miss Tired.

I was excited when I woke up yesterday morning.

Not in that way. Don't be gross.

But I was excited because, roughly 12 hours earlier, I had booked a trip to Cancun for 4 nights and I needed to get to the airport to catch my flight. I was tired as hell, but the interest and excitement I had for what I was about to do propelled me to get my ass up and moving.

I hit the snooze button - I had time to spare. But a minute or two of staring at the ceiling and I knew I wasn't falling back asleep, so I got to it.

It's been a long time since I felt that energized. Okay, Sunday morning.

I went to a musical cast party in Toronto for a show being produced by a good friend. It ran late. We get back to his place well after sunrise, and as much as my body felt tired, my mind/emotion/spirit/ghanas/whatever were running a hundred miles an hour.

I slept for a bit (my body really needed it), but I got up way sooner than I normally would have. I got by this past weekend on way less sleep than usual because I was energized and engaged by what I'm doing.

Too often I sleep more than my body needs, just because I'm fairly certain and comfortable that I can get everything done in the 16 hours I'll be awake. I miss days filled to bursting. I miss pushing myself to the limit. And that, among other reasons, is why I feel really excited about the opportunity I'm taking on at Shopify.

Knowing that I'm going to be working on tasks that play to my strengths, in a company that's in tune with my interests in technology and entrepreneurship, is absolutely exhilirating, And while I know it's not always going to be sunshine and unicorns, the knowledge that I'm in a growing company that's doing some really cool things... every job has shit moments, but it's the people on your team that help you through the tough stuff and with whom you celebrate the good stuff. And Shopify has some really great people.

I'd be out of line if I didn't take this opportunity to thank Ian Graham and Ian Capstick for their support in making this move. I wouldn't be where I am now if not for them.

Now then, if you'll excuse me I'm off to hit the beach. I kid. I wrote this post on the beach.

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