Good Enough Isn't.

My mom got me a subscription to The Economist for Christmas, but I haven't got around to setting it up. I'm contemplating asking her to swap it for Monocle.

The short version: Cancun was good. I may do a more detailed writeup, but tales of debauchery, snark, and mayhem seem better suited for sharing over beers.

Back to Monocle, which I picked up in the airport to read in-flight. I'm not entirely certain how relevant it is to my current lifestyle, but the writing is great and the people profiled are doing cool and interesting things with their lives. It's not so much aspirational, as I'm not sure I want to emulate their accomplishments, but I'd definitely want to emulate their lifestyle – of being dedicated to something and doing it well. Raw talent without any direction can succeed, but I'm not entirely sold on it being the better way.

Which brings me to this:

It's copied from the cover of the issue, and I think it's a pretty good approach, although I'm not quite there yet.

I do have a long-ish term vision for where I see myself going and I'm fairly confident in my ability to get there. While the things I've done haven't gotten me to the destination yet, I feel closer now than I did 6 months ago, and far far closer than I did a year ago.

The next two kind of tie together in my case, because trends and fads are one of the things my brand stands for. I can show your business how new tools and old techniques can lead to some really interesting results. But I also do all the karaoke stuff. And the #GenYOTT stuff. And the stand-up. And spread thin might be the wrong term, but some of these things I do because I really enjoy doing them, and some I do because it seemed like it'd make a good conversation piece. It'd make a great blog post. It'll get a bunch of retweets because I'm crapping on someone successful and disliked.

Diverse Talents, Travel, check check.

Tyrannical with details. I'll admit I let this one slide more than I should. There's something to be said for solving problems quickly, and I'm very good at doing just that, but the quickest path and the most durable and effective path aren't often the same thing. I know this one isn't going to change overnight, but it's definitely something I'm going to focus on doing better in the coming months. Good enough isn't, you know?

Having fun with it... yeah, I've got that covered.

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