I Don't Like Awards Shows

I was going to write a big long-winded post, but this is all I really need to say, so here goes:

I don't need the validation of awards or financial success to justify my appreciation of the things I like. If The King's Speech beats The Social Network, it's not going to make me enjoy that movie any less, and vice versa. I've come to terms with the fact that Twilight movies are going to make hundreds of millions of dollars, and Scott Pilgrim won't.

I may be wrong about this but I'm pretty sure beating Eminem at the Grammys was the last thing on The Arcade Fire's mind when they were making The Suburbs.

Enjoy whatever you enjoy, and don't make that enjoyment contingent on box office figures, or external approval from people you've never met and will never meet. You should totally keep insulting famous people on the internet in real-time, though. I assure you, it never gets old.

Unlike Kirk Douglas.

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