A Plea For Political Involvement: Make Time

So, to preface this, yes, I am a proud member of Liberal Party of Canada, and I had the pleasure and honour of attending this weekend's biennial convention. If those two facts cause you to discount everything else I've got to say, then it's your loss because what I have to say in this post has nothing to do with partisan politics and everything to do with getting involved in politics.

I've been interested in politics since I watched Air Farce as a kid... why did it take me until I was 26 to get involved?

What I saw this weekend, and what I participated in, was nothing short of awesome. You had a room of thousands of people consumed in heated debates, pouring their emotions into selling decisions that could potentially shape the direction of the 35 million people who inhabit this country. The stakes are high and the feeling is electric as policies and ideas are accepted or rejected in real time. It gives you a high that I've only experienced once before, after going skydiving. It's that level of sensory and emotional stimuli to be in the room when those decisions are being made.

Yes, the Liberals adopted a resolution to support the legalization of marijuana. But I can assure you, having now experimented with both, the feeling of being involved in the political process, of being able to fearlessly speak your mind, to have your ideas listened to, and to have the best ideas percolate up to the point where they can have an impact on the lives of millions... that's the better drug. It's more fun. It's the best I've ever had.

You and I may disagree on political issues, but I implore you, whatever your viewpoints may be... find people who agree or who are willing to listen and start having those conversations. Start trying to make a difference, whatever difference you want to make. It's great when you succeed and it sucks when you fail, but in either case the journey is so invigorating that the outcome almost becomes secondary... indeed, it probably would be secondary if the stakes weren't so high.

Stop reading this post and do something. If you don't know where to start, email me or ask in the comments. If you think I'm too biased to give good advice (and don't kid yourself, I am biased), use Google.

But for fuck's sake, DO something.

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