I Enjoy Travel And Smelling My Best.

Cancun was a good time. Had a number of personal/professional insights, and now feel ready to get down to the work of making 2013 a great year for myself and those I care about.

I'll tell you this much: Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille has ruined all other scents for me. I started getting into colognes a few years ago, and i typically buy a bottle of something at the duty free when I go on vacation, but browsing around, nothing came even remotely close to the wow factor of when I first tried this stuff last fall. I ended up getting nothing.

Well, some whiskey.

It makes me smell like cake and classy guys who still smoke pipes. There's hints of fruit in there that I'll catch a fleeting whiff of every now and then. I've received more compliments on how I smell in the month since I picked this up than in the years leading up to it. It lasts. Oh God does it last. One spritz in the morning and I'm good all day.

I'm not sure what else is involved in writing cologne reviews, so I'll wrap up here, but if you can afford it and you want to smell fucking amazing you should seriously look into buying this stuff. It's not available at any stores in Ottawa but you may have luck ordering online.

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