The tricky thing about self-improvement is that writing about it has absolutely zero impact in whether or not you go through with the changes you want to make. I can (and in the past I have) announced new diets, new exercise plans, a commitment to be a better and more honourable person... it's all words. And worse, it's words that get you supportive comments and feedback when you haven't lifted a finger to do the damn thing you know deep down that you should do. Because I make it public, now it's a conversation and you get to demonstrate you care because you're a caring person who always makes sure everyone sees them expressing empathy for others.

It's an utterly seductive exercise on all sides. It feels great in the moment. It's also time that we could be spending on the things we truly care about. I think that's because we're socially conditioned to ensure there's no accountability. Very few people have ever called me on my bullshit when I don't follow through on the things I say I'm going to do, unless those things are directly related to that person's self-interest. I owe those people my private and sincere thanks. And I've never called anyone who pledged to keep me honest on their bullshit when I go off course and they don't say a damn word to push me back in the right direction.

I didn't make any New Years Resolutions, but in early December I made the decision to re-adjust some of my priorities. In early January I made the decision to adjust some others, and up until the 49ers decided to make it a football game Sunday night, I was sketching out the genesis of a few more. So far my track record has been pretty solid on sticking to these with relatively little trumpeting about them. Going forward, I'm hoping to focus more on playing my ambitions close to the vest, not because I'm trying to keep them secret but because every breath spent talking about them ensures I'm not working on them. I've been down that road. I'm not a fan.

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