Passion Breeds Productivity

Today consisted of the longest trip I've ever taken to Boston - even including the times I took the Greyhound to see relatives. Layovers and all, today's trip was longer. The roads were hell up until the U.S. Border, and for more than a little while afterwards.

I packed light, optimistic that the weather would be tolerable in nothing more heavy than a blazer. No precipitation after this morning, temperatures in the 0 to 5 range... not balmy, but totally manageable. That was the forecast. Things played out a bit worse. Hopefully they improve.

I love to travel, and am lucky to have a job that lets me do it pretty much as often as I want - as long as I'm keeping up with my work while I'm on the road, everyone's happy. I tend to feed off the energy of those around me, so being in a situation where everyone's genuinely excited about what they're doing and has not only unique skills they bring to the table, but unique outcomes that stem from those abilities... that pushes me to kick ass and take names in a big way, because I have something that makes me special and a stage to throw down on. I did more tangible work in the backseat of a Volkswagen Golf today whilst tethering on an iPhone than I've done in any single day all month, and I think it's because I was surrounded by people who couldn't do what I do, who were capable of doing all kinds of crazy things I can't do, all in the name of one unified objective, which is to make Shopify a great and successful company. You could say we're already there, but there's always room for improvement.

Being in situations where there are challenges that only I can take on, and where I really demonstrate my value as a person, is incredibly motivating. It's something I'm going to make a point to seek out more often when I get home.

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