Now I Can Add "Internationally Touring" To "Standup Comedian"


It's interesting to see how some jokes that tend to do really well here in Ottawa don't do as well in other cities, even when it wasn't a local reference (the Dove stuff in particular). In any case, being told I only had 5 minutes instead of 6 forced me to drop a lot of fluff and really ensure that I was only doing the stuff I'm really strong with.

What's crazy is that I've got bits of material that are seasonal to spring and summer that are just... ripening, I suppose is the word, and those I can start doing soon too. I can honestly say that I could do 15 minutes now, which is something I couldn't say in the past.

Fun fact: I'll be doing an extended set as the headliner for the Lunenberg Pub's Open Mic night April 10th. It's going to be a blast and you should absolutely be there.

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