My New Job

When I started at Shopify, I was specifically told that the job I was being hired for was something I was expected to stick with for a year and a half or more. There was some concern that I was going to want a promotion very quickly and if one didn't come, that I'd leave the company, costing them the sunk costs of hiring, training, and onboarding me. A fair concern.

When people ask me for advice on getting hired at Shopify, one of the things I always stress is that candidates need to make the case for them being a great fit not just for Shopify, but for the specific role they're interviewing for. That's because we don't want someone with the attitude of "doing their time" who's then going to ask for something bigger. The Guru position is rewarding in its own right, and within the team, people don't so much get promoted as they evolve into different specialized roles, which naturally happens thanks to all our own unique quirks.

Mine were travelling as much as possible and dealing with the biggest clients possible. First I was given Angry Birds, then I asked for Penny Arcade, and it just kind of took on its own life from there. If there was a big client who needed some TLC, I was the guy.

So it's not entirely surprising that today was my last day as a Shopify Guru, and that Monday will be my first day as a Shopify Enterprise Solutions Specialist. As we've grown to the point that this specialization made sense, I'm now at the point that I can make the acquisition and care of Shopify's biggest customers my full-time vocation. I'm really excited about the move, and already I'm talking to some really cool clients that are potentially interested in working with us.

So: here's to an another awesome two years and change.

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