It's been a great few months, health wise.

After the revelation that no one but myself was going to hold me to account for me sticking (or not sticking) to a diet... I became dedicated. And while single weight measurements can be spotty and it's better to take an average of multiple weighings... I've gone from being in consistently in the low 190s to consistently being in the low 170s. And I've done that while developing at least some muscle mass, so I've probably lost even more weight than that.

And yet... it's still hard. Socially. Ordering a glass of Red, or a vodka soda, or declining to take part in a pitcher at the bar... it feels weird and I'm not sure if it'll ever not feel weird.

I've kind of fallen off the wagon over the past couple weeks between being in Boston and Toronto, both health-wise and blogging-wise. As expected... no one called me out on it, which just means that I've gotta get myself back on track. The good thing about this is that I can take a step back and evaluate what is and isn't working.

The slow-carb diet is working. It takes a little more prep/thought around meals, but not much. The actual food I'm eating is healthier than what I used to eat and I'm dropping pounds. Cheat days are less fun than I expected, though. Going all out with the deliberate goal of consuming as much beer and starch and sugar as possible... all well and good in the moment, but I'd feel sick and puke in the middle of the night.

So, here's the new approach. Maintain strict slow-carb during the week - no starches, no sugars, no grains. ECA stack and a protein shake every morning. If I drink, stick to sprits with zero-calorie mix and a bit of wine. Beer is fine Friday-Sunday, but no deliberate cheating otherwise. If I know I'm going to be somewhere with limited options that are compatible with my diet (say Scotiabank Place or the movies) then plan ahead, eat before leaving, and don't use it as a fallback.

Two months from now I head back to Croatia for another trip. I'd like to be in great shape when I go. I think I can pull it off.

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  • 4 hour chef recommends I did it and set up to donate to an anti-charity if I missed my goals. Definitely helps keep you honest. I recommend setting a realistic goal, and a painful penalty if you miss your goal (I only did $20 a week if I missed and it wasn’t “painful” enough…will do higher next time). Studies show that anti-motivation works. Just a thought..

    • Chad Wise
  • I’ve got a copy of 4 Hour Chef and I’m loving it… I haven’t yet taken the plunge on Stickk but as long as I’ve been at home, I haven’t needed it. The only time I really struggle with it is when I need food on very short notice with limited options. Ideally I’d have more time, but such is life.

    Where Stickk might come in handy for me is in picking a side project to throw my time and energy into – I’ve been meaning to have one but it hasn’t happened yet. And probably won’t, until some nasty consequences present themselves.

    • Brian Alkerton
  • I am, yeah. Max recommended dose is 24mg of ephedrine three times a day – I only do 16mg in the morning with a protein shake.

    • Brian Alkerton
  • Hope you are being safe with your dosage, if you are ECA stacking. There is a reason that Health Canada warns against taking ephedrine + any stimulant regularly: over the long term it can pose a serious risk to your health.

    • Chelsea Edgell