Memories Of Boston

I've spent a lot of time in Boston over the years. Most of my family lives there, and pretty much every summer we'd get in the car and drive down. My first major league baseball game was with my Uncle Bruce at Fenway. Red Sox vs. Orioles. We didn't have cable at home, but my aunt had all the channels and high speed internet and there was a public pool nearby where we could go swimming every day. I kinda vaguely remember the Big Dig. I vividly remember the aquarium, the science museum, the childrens' museum, tall ships in '92, getting bit in the face by a German Shepherd and getting stitches. This big arcade out in Framingham where we'd go every year.

At one point during the Spring Break years I lived in the area for a couple months, commuting from Waltham to Peabody every day on two commuter trains and a 40 minute bus ride... something I'm still not entirely sure how I accomplished. That may be why I didn't see much of the city in those months, but even then, I have good memories of my time there. It was there that I saw DJ AM and had one of the more emotional nights of my life. Since then I've visited a few times, performed at the Beantown Comedy Vault a couple times, and last month went to PAX East... which was actually the first time I was ever staying in Downtown Boston for any extended period of time. I got to know the city a lot better. It's a great city, which makes today's news all that much worse. When you can mentally sketch out the geography of where these things happened because you were staying a few blocks away just a couple weeks ago... it's jarring.

A lot of people have said far more meaningful things than I'm capable of regarding today's events, but I bring up my own memories of the city because I hope that when the authorities find whoever's responsible for this, we don't let them be a part of our memories of today. We can't give them the satisfaction of getting in our heads, of being named, analyzed, discussed. I'm not sure what could drive a person to do this, but if they wanted to see their name in lights, I want that dream to be dashed thoroughly. Just refer to them as That Fucking Asshole (or TFA for short) and be done with it. No photos, no public dissection of what media they consumed, just throw them down the memory hole and be done with it.

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