TIFF 2013: Jason Reitman's Boogie Nights

I got to see a bunch of celebrities do karaoke Friday night and it was great. And when we're talking about Jason Reitman's live reads, I think karaoke is the best description. Josh brolin did an amazing Burt Reynolds that was still uniquely his own. Olivia Wilde and Dane cook were so incredibly good at mimicking the characters they were playing that you could close your eyes and be fooled... it was really interesting and cool. And the heavier moments of verbal confrontation in the film were absolutely electric. They were ACTING the crap out of it. It was exciting to watch.

The reason I make the karaoke allusion is because there's plenty of times when I've seen someone at a karaoke bar absolutely belt something out in epic fashion, and the crowd goes wild... there's scenes in Boogie Nights that give that same feeling, but at the same time, the script isn't what you'd call dense with such moments.

Part of the reason for that is because Boogie Nights is a pretty visual film - not just the sex, but all those long tracking shots just don't quite carry over, no matter how well they're described by PTA on the page.

There's one moment in the original script (which they were working from) and I'm pretty sure it didn't show up in the final cut, which is baffling, because its one of the most incredible story beats I've ever heard, and I feel like I would've

What we're left with is an experience that's simultaneously really good at giving you a more visceral connection to a great film, and reminding you of the ways in which film is a superior medium for a lot of things. It illuminates things you never would have otherwise picked up on, and if all you care about is the celebrities, well, you get to spend two hours in a room with a bunch of them and see them really commit to their craft.

It was a total blast. If you have the opportunity to attend one of these, do so.

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